Trademark Registration in Turkey 2

Trademark Registration in Turkey

If you desire to register your trademark in Turkey, you must firstly conduct a trademark registration research considering the trademarks registered with the Turkish Patent Office (TURKPATENT).

You may personally search trademark similarity from the TURKPATENT’s address at but it is vital to know the Turkish Law and Turkish language to get an accurate result in such research. There fore, you are advised to conduct a trademark registration examination by receiving service from the authorized Turkish trademark patent agent.

If the trademark is found eligible for registration in that research, it is required to apply for trademark registration without delay.

For Application for Trademark in Turkey, the following are sufficient;

- Copy of Trademark,

- Power of Attorney,

- TURKPATENT Application Fee.

The process of application for trademark is conducted by the professional patent firms by using the TURKPATENT online database within a few hours.


Trademark Registration Period in Turkey;

- 2 Hours for Online Application for Trademark,

- 4-6 Months for Review of Application for Trademark by the TURKPATENT in Terms of Form and Similarity

- 2 Months for Announcement of Trademark Eligible for Registration being a stage lasting nearly 7-9 Months as from application,

- Approximately 12 Months for Payment of Registration Fee for Trademark with an expired announcement period and receipt of Certificate of Registration.


This process may extend if the trademark is rejected by the TURKPATENT or in case of objection at the stage of announcement.

There is a right to file an action for nullity against final decisions of the TURKPATENT before Ankara/Turkey courts within 2 months following issue of the decision.

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